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ArsRSS re-reads between 100 and 120 art and new media related RSS feeds every four hours, caches the feeds and completely re-writes its database of words found in the feeds. This makes for fast response times both for searching across feeds and for accessing individual feeds.

In the background, ArsRSS collects data about the terms queried, what parts of the globe the queries come from, and the frequency with which individual feeds are accessed. To suggest a feed write to For more info about this project and interesting stats click here.

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ArsRSS is a news feed service, intested in collecting data about how the service is used. It is an ongoing project, adding to the types of data it collects as well as to the mechanisms for collecting and analyzing the data. The service is based on the parsing of up to 120 news feeds every four hours between 8 a.m. and midnight Eastern Time. This is its core and it keeps track of every word in the feeds, how often they occur, and in which feeds.

ArsRSS is interested in the frequencies with which terms are queried, and in which news feeds supply responses to queries and how often. It is interested in where the queries come from and how often, in the relationships between what people ask and what the news feeds provide.

In addition to its query service, ArsRSS has a news feed Reader which enables its users to accesss from its cache the 100 to 120 news feeds which form the basis of its activities. Which feeds are read by visitors and how often is also of interest to ArsRSS.

Finally, as the project has developed, an underlying concern has become clear, namely what it is that we can learn about users from just the basic tools and infrastructure of a web site. This gets us into questions of the uses of web architecture for profiling.

These panels--basics, queries, feeds, and words--provide some information about the kinds of data that ArsRSS is collecting. places is a pop-up window, using google maps, that shows where queries come from and in what numbers. As the project continues, and as more data becomes available, ArsRSS will develop additional browser-based mechanisms to make the data available.

9343    Number of users reading and querying feeds
51021    Total user accesses
731    Number of words queried
51438    Number of times feeds accessed for queries
1729697    Number of news items where query terms were found
Current Database of Words Found in Feeds
(The database is re-created every four hours)
16826    Number of words found in feeds
22247    Number of times those words occur in feeds
982    Number of times feeds fetched for reading by ArsRSS news Reader Service
This figure does not include accesses from the ArsRSS custom news feed service
Last updates
Users: July 29 2014 23:37:02
Queries and Feeds: July 29 2014 20:18:49

These are the feeds which produce the most responses to queries. "Number" refers to the number of times search terms have been found among the news items of a feed. A feed can have many news items; if it has 50 news items in which a term is found, then "Number" is incremented by 50. (These URL's are clickable.)
Feed  Number     52714     45819     45479     44978     43382     41141     39415     38908     37891     36246

The left-hand column "Queries" shows the most frequently queried search terms and the number of times that they have been queried since the project started. The right-hand column lists the most frequently occuring words in the current database, which is updated every four hours between 8 and midnight Eastern Time.
media 11272
o 9284
45 7338
char 3683
120 3666
81 3666
49 1786
0x31303235343830303536 1056
50 707
51 441
52 406
select 384
53 372
union 369
54 338
55 315
by 299
56 292
submission 291
order 289
o1111111111111 288
57 269
48 246
art 192
art 59
new 55
artist 44
work 43
exhibition 40
one 40
artists 39
will 39
about 38
first 38
world 38
all 37
time 36
arts 35
museum 35
show 35
gallery 34
great 34
how 34
through 34
culture 33
out 33
year 33
based 32
national 32