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Create an ArsRSS News Feed

With ArsRSS you can make a news feed based on your own criteria.

  1. Enter your Search Terms and select the kind of match you require.
  2. Then click the Create Feed URL button. The URL will appear in the Feed URL text box.
  3. Click the Test button to test your feed. The result will appear on this page.
  4. If the feed works for you, copy the Feed URL and paste it into your RSS news reader. If not, simply redo with revised criteria.
The news feed will be re-generated every time your news reader updates. It behaves exactly the same as though you had come to the ArsRSS web site and made a search using your criteria. This means that the feed will always be based on the most recent ArsRSS databases of feeds and search terms. You can, if you wish, create more than one news feed, for different sets of criteria.

Note: the Test feature accepts a maximum of 2 search terms, and if the Test feature fails to show a result, you can test the feed url in a news reader or in Firefox.

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