Cityscapes was developed by Myron Turner (www.room535.org). It is indebted to a number of open source projects and cost-free Internet services:

  • DokuWiki (www.wiki.splitbrain.org). DokuWiki is the overall framework for Cityscapes. It keeps track of and stores all pages. It provides the programming interface that links the many parts together. And it provides the general design elements, which have a functional simplicity and elegance.

  • Google Maps (maps.google.com). Google offers a free mapping service and an open source programming interface that enables programmer's to tap into this service and its various components.

  • Geonames.org (www.geonames.org). Geonames provides open source databases of geographical data. Cityscapes uses these to organize the contributions of its participants by country and place names.

  • Maxmind (www.maxmind.com) Maxmind operates a free Internet service that enables Cityscapes to identify the place from which a contributor has logged on and so to automatically default to a map of the identified place.

  • FCKeditor (www.fckeditor.net). This is the graphical editor used by contributors to Cityscapes.

  • HTML::Wikiconverter. Set of Perl programming modules used to connect the FCKeditor to DokuWiki.

  • Various plugins contributed to the DokuWiki project by the DokuWiki community.

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