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I was driving to the coast with a friend when we noticed a tall grey monument to our left, apparently in the middle of a field. We stopped to investigate. There was a clutch of houses and farm buildings. The monument was about a quarter of a mile from the nearest building, on the top of a hill. To reach it we had to walk across a cricket pitch which doubled as a sheep field, with the bowling strip roped off in the middle. At the entrance to the field was a sign explaining the origins of the monument: it had been erected to the memory of a reforming landlord who did a great deal to help his poorer tenants, including giving some of them enough money to emigrate.


A skylark was twittering overhead. From the top of the hill was a view across the Romney Marshes towards the coast. The wind blew. We walked slowly around the monument, not quite sure what we were doing there or how long we ought to stay.

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