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This is a museum I've never visited in a city and country I've never been to: The Prado in Madrid. Thumbing through the web, looking for a pages about the Prado, I came across this:

The entire southern wing of the 2nd floor is devoted to the works of Fransisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes. The Spaniard captured the extremes of hope and misery during and after the Napoleononic invasion with his works El Dos de Mayo and El Tres de Mayo.

My heart, as they would have said in an earlier age, leapt in my bosom, just at the thought of being able to see so many works of Goya. I've always had an affinity for Spanish painters, as a teen it was El Greco at the Metropolitan, too young then for Goya.  Although, had I known about Goya's drawings, I'm sure even then I would have loved him.  He was one of the most naturally fluid draughtsman, among the greatest.

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