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My first downtown studio

My first downtown studio was in Winnipeg's Exchange District, a heritage area which goes back to the early 20th century. The building, at the corner of Alerbert and Mcdermot, was probably built some time between 1910 and 1920. My studio was an old office, four rooms, three of them quite large, in all maybe 1500 square feet. The top half of the wall, in the front room, was glass to the ceiling, framed by heavy green woodwork moldings. Think news rooms in forties films.

I was making prints, and had a small etching press in the front room, about 700 pounds, which was brought up in the ancient freight elevator. The top floor (6 or 7 storeys up) was a large open unfinished space. It was once the studio of several painters, among them Don Reichert, young then but now a well-established Winnipeg painter. But in my time this top floor was being used as storage for a shoe store. One afternoon a couple of the kids bringing stock up were fooling around, rattling the old thing, and it broke loose, crashing down like an explosion and setting off the fire alarm. I could never think about the old elevator without thinking about the 700 pound press that made it up to my studio without the old thing coming loose from its cables and killing all on board.


Corner of Albert and McDermot, shot with cell phone

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