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The Socialism Tour

Convening at the historic Fort Garry Hotel, we'll travel across Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and environs visiting landmarks of social foment, ideas and actions that has made this into the most socially progressive region of North America.

From the birthplace of Louis Riel, leader of the famous Red River Rebellion and now considered to be the founder of the Province of Manitoba, to Grace Church where in 1902 J.S. Woodsworth began to preach a social gospel, though the historic warehouse district of downtown Winnipeg where strikers marched en masse during the Winnipeg General Strike, and finally to the Winnipeg Legislative Building, the home to Manitoba's current NDP government.

The tour concludes back at the Fort Garry Hotel for refreshments and an open discussion about the state of socialism today and the social justice and economic challenges faced by Winnipeg today. for example

The Socialism Tour is brought to you by Midcontinental Media.

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