Green is a color

copyright © 2002,2008 Myron Turner

Green is a color that likes to be seen.
So it grows and grows right over your toes,
And if you're not careful
Right up to your Nose.

Yellow's the color that says, "Hello!"
"It's a beautiful day. Hey, Let's play!"

    Blue's the color that says,
    "It's hot, take off your socks, take off your shoes!"
    "Come on into the water,
    It's time for a cruise!"

    Red is the color that likes to be hot.
    But don't be fooled, red is pretty, but red can burn.
    So always be careful the pot's not hot!

White is the color I painted my kite.
Along came a cloud, and it flew out of sight.

    And then there are colors you've never heard.
    Cerulean, turquoise, madder and chartreuse.
    But deep in a jungle there's a beautiful bird
    Dressed in all these colors. I heard it on the news!

Now pink is the color I see when I wink.
And then on my eyelashes I see little flashes
Of orange and blue, I see even purple
It's simply amazing, I've seen even green.
I think I know what all these colors are. Do you know?